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Word Play

Word Play presents focused writing exercises that explore diction and figurative language choices, helping you develop voice in your stories, essays, and poems. Join any time!

The Building Blocks of a Great Novel

A 6-unit course taught by Dianne Drake (includes manuscript evaluation!)

Deepening Conflict

This course covers the difference between conflict and tension, how to create conflicts that aren’t just arguments, and developing conflict from your characters. Conflict is what keeps the engine of the plot moving, and keeps the reader turning the pages. Begins February 19th.

It's Time to Start Your Novel

It’s Time to Start Your Novel, 4-week course taught by Cathy Day. (Ended January 29, 2018)

Writing from the Heart: Soulful Creativity

This 4-week course for both unpublished and published authors offers tips and techniques for connecting with your writer’s heart – and discovering themes and concerns that will bring your writing to life. Begins March 26th.

Your Author Brand

Your Author Brand, 4-week course taught by Dana Kaye, Kaye Publicity Inc. (Registration ended)